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Centri-Kid OMC

IMG_1690IMG_1634IMG_1693It is exciting and emotionally overwhelming to see Christ working in the hearts of these young adults as  they soak up God’s word throughout their busy day!

Today is OMC Day! OMC stands for Organized Mass Chaos.  Campers compete for their color teams by completing task cards and getting VERY messy.





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This has been an awesome week for the kids as well as the adult campers! The theme for this of camp is RESET: God Redeems. Our campers have been learning more about what it means to be redeemed by God. Be sure to ask you child about: OMC, track times, and their favorite part of camp.

Centri-Kid 2014

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CentriKid Camp 2014 almost here!

Our children’s ministry will be heading to CentriKid Camps Sunday afternoon! Check back here for regular updates and photos from the camp.